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Entire Pueblos in Spain’s Surf Mecca Are for Sale, Some Even for Free


Above: The beautiful, rugged reefs and cliffs of Galicia in northwest Spain. Photo: Shutterstock via Curbed.

Fertile, food-rich reefs and soils, pristine well water and “a lovely little trout river” surround the abandoned village of O Penso in Galicia, Spain–a short 6 miles from the region’s infamously surf-strewn white sand beaches, and it’s all for sale.

O Penso is a 100-acre hamlet with 6 houses, two barns, an orchard with figs, peaches, walnuts, chestnuts (the list goes on), and a cattle barn fit for 70.


Photo: Lauren Frayer for NPR.

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Wish You Were Here: Asturias, Spain


A wave folds in Asturias, Spain, glistening beneath a Basque sunset. Photo: Manuel Toral

Photographer Manuel Toral was fortunate enough to be born in Asturias in northern Spain, a place of majestic waves and light. These are just a few of his photographs from his portfolio.


Morning fog blankets the spoonful of water that lies between the hills. Photo: Manuel Toral

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Wish You Were Here: On the Bus in Ibiza, Spain.

Uschi the Party Busoriginal

Air BnB’s coolest destination on Ibiza – Uschi the Bus.

Next stop – Ibiza in the Balearic Islands! Find yourself on this most epic party bus. ‘Uschi’ is a converted 1954 Swiss Postal Bus. It’s perched on a cliff off Cala Comte, with stunning oceanside views and the best sunsets in the islands.

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How Drinking Beer Brewed with Deep Mediterranean Seawater Might (Almost) Defeat Hangovers

er-boqueron-craft-beer-33-cl (1)

(Photos via Cítrics el Plà)

The answers to all of life’s questions and problems lie in the sea. Oh, and beer, too.

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A Christmas Swim in Catalan

From Lisa Abend’s article in the Times:

Like so many things in life — soccer, sex, pigs’ feet with snails — Christmas is better in Barcelona. Not for the Catalans the tinsel, the candy canes, the celebrity reindeer with his blinking nose. No, Christmas in Barcelona is an altogether sleeker affair, whimsical and exotic in equal measure. The lights lining the avenues are more artistic, the parades better choreographed, the cakes more elaborate and the exertions more athletic. (Witness the Christmas day group swim, when hundreds of Barcelonans launch themselves into the chilly Mediterranean.)

This Building Protects Itself from Wind and Waves

This triangular Spanish building protects itself from the wind and waves.

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Lost City of Atlantis Uncovered?

(Artist’s depiction)

A U.S.-led research team believes that they may have located the lost city of Atlantis and uncovered one of the world’s greatest mysteries.  Using philosopher Plato’s 2,600-year-old written accounts of the city having been situated on the Straits of Gibraltar, (known then as the Pillars of Hercules) the team inspected satellite images that revealed what appears to be the legendary concentric rings of Atlantis submersed in the Dona Ana Park marshlands north of Cadiz, Spain.

(A computer-generated map of the research findings)

According to Plato’s Dialogues, the city disappeared into the sea between a single day and night.  “It is just so hard to understand that [water] can wipe out 60 miles inland, and that’s pretty much what we’re talking about,” said University of Hartford professor Richard Freund who led an international research team in search of the real Atlantis.

The Iberian peninsula is no stranger to tsunamis though.  In 1755, Lisbon experienced one of the most devastating earthquakes on record followed by what is estimated to have been a 10-story wall of water, which completely inundated the city and by many accounts caused more damage than the quake itself.

Previously, it was believed that Atlantis may have been located around Italy or Greece on the islands of Sardinia, Cyprus or Santorini.  The new finding was followed by archeological and geological surveys in 2009 and 2010, which provide considerable evidence that, alas, the lost city of Atlantis may have truly been found.

Finding Atlantis,” which documents the quest to find Atlantis will re-air on Sunday, March 20th on the National Geographic Channel.


*via msnbc*