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Orca Hunting Shark

Eyewitness Tracy Thomas said it looked like the orcas, also known as killer whales, were hunting the sharks, with one wounded shark washing ashore with a bloody gash on its snout.

This happens, apparently. Here’s a video of a shark being held upside-down putting the shark into a passive state until it drowns, according to Nat Geo, found via Boingboing.


HMS Friday – The Coolest Shark Story Ever

Hold on tight. This is a good one.

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Fish Were the First Animals to Have Sex

Around 400 million years ago, proto-sharks started getting it on in the oceans, according to some new fossils turned up in Western Australia.

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Not good


Baby shark


Baby By Autopsea

An entire man, in parts, found in a shark's stomach

JUST AS the deep sea fisherman was about to cut the hook from the shark’s wide open mouth and let him go, out jumped a human foot. “Everything was intact from the knee down,” said Bahamian investment banker Humphrey Simmons, “it was mangled, but there was still flesh on the bone.”… “While pulling up my line,” he said, “I noticed that it was extra heavy. I called “Boy” (Stanley Bernard) and asked him to go get the shot gun.”

I’m not posting this because it is scary. I’m posting it because it is rare. It is believed the man drown before being eaten, and that no other sharks were competing for the meal. All the man’s body was accounted for. Except the head. [tribune242]

A hundred tiger sharks, hunting

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The sharks were hunting bait fish. Filmed off Noosa, Australia by a rescue helicopter. [Discovery News]