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Meet S/V Sailing Yacht A, The World’s Largest Sailboat (and Masts)

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 10.48.39 AM

Screenshot from video below.

A few months ago, we posted a sneak peek of the world’s tallest masts (55-ton, 91-100 meter masts (300-328 ft) en route to the 142.8 meter (468 ft) Sailing Yacht A, the world’s largest sailing yacht. Recently, she began her sea trials and was on display for all the public to see.

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Cyrus Sutton Returns to Surf Kamchatka, Russia. A Photo Essay.


“10 days ago we were dropped off here in a MI-4 helicopter,” writes Scuttlefish friend Cyrus Sutton. “We were greeted by hollow chest high waves, poachers, bear tracks, waterfalls and swarms of deet loving mosquitos. The first day we surfed till dark with a large group of seals. After the session we returned to camp and setup the electric bear fencing which looked much more flimsy than advertised. We huddled around the fire to warm up, hide from bugs and cook dinner. Around midnight a caviar poacher from downriver walked towards us with a large gun. He explained that he feared for our safety and handed us the rusty over under shotgun loaded with two rounds then disappeared in the moonlight. We didn’t sleep too well that night . . .” Photo: Cyrus Sutton.


“There are no roads in this part of the world and the only way to access it is by renting an ex-military helicopter. At the north end of the beach one of the most pristine salmon runs in the world. This estuary flows into the icy Pacific and forms what looks to be a perfect sandbar.” Photo: Cyrus Sutton.


“We watched flawless tiny waves peel across the small cobblestones as we pulled large Silver Salmon from the river.” Photo: Cyrus Sutton.


There’s at least one good thing about spotting big bear tracks along the river; it’s a good indication that the salmon might be running. Photo: Cyrus Sutton.

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This Is Russia’s Newest and Deadliest Nuclear Deterrent Submarine


One of Russia’s new Borei class submarine prepares for sea trial. Photo: RIA Novosti/RT.

Nearly 20 years in the making, Russia’s new “Borei class” (“North Wind”) SSBN (Ship, Submersible, Ballistic, Nuclear) submarine is the Russian Navy’s first updated nuclear defense submarine since the end of the Cold War. Dubbed “Project 955,” these ultra-sleek black beauties will be replacing “Project 941” Typhoon-class submarines and “Project 667” BDRM Delta IV-class vessels.

These names may come across as arbitrary or irrelevant, and to an extent they probably are, though they do emanate a kind of fear-inducing chill reminiscent of the 50+ year nuclear stalemate between the former Soviet Union and the United States.


Photo: RIA Novosti/RT.

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Wish You Were Here: Lake Ladoga, Russia


“Surfing Contest Lake Ladoga.” Yes, they hold contests here (video below). Photo: Ekaterina Abasheeva

Sochi and Kamchatka are quickly becoming popular travel considerations for surfing adventures through Russia, but if you happen to be driving through eastern Europe and in need of a surf, you may consider a pit stop along Lake Ladoga.

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Watch Russian Sailors Rescue a Dog Stranded on an Iceberg

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 5.52.51 PM

Screenshot taken from QuuaDa‘s video clip on Youtube

The dog seems sort of ambivalent, almost content floating along on the iceberg, but surely it was glad to be rescued and find some companionship among a couple other fellow canines. It’s anyone’s guess how it ended up floating on a sheet of ice in the Arctic, and it didn’t appear to have a leash. If only dogs could talk.

Watch the video:

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Russian Monk Stranded For 17 Days on Desert Island

25-year-old Russian Monk Sergey Ganushev was on regular assignment collecting seaweed in the Solovetsky Islands in north Russia’s White Sea on October 13 when he was met by a storm and his boat sprung a leak. He managed to swim ashore to a small skerry the size of a football field, where he dug himself a cave, drank rainwater and ate kelp for 17 days.

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The Deserted Beach Resort of Hotel Chaika, Gagra

This is Hotel Chaika, inGagra. It was a coastal resort, for the rich, in Georgia, on the Black Sea. It was known as the Russian Riviera and this hotel was owned by Duke Peter of Oldenburg. Then the Lenin took it over and gave it to the people. After communism collapsed, it fell into ruin and finally abandoned in 1993.

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