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Gotcha! Octopus Snaps Picture of Photographer From Inside its Tank


Ben Savard, Digital Media Producer at Middlebury College,  mug shot taken by an octopus. Photo provided by Ben Savard/Middlebury College.

Octopuses are the most highly intelligent order of invertebrates, or spineless animals – which make up 95% of the animal kingdom. They use tools and display short and long-term memory in their behavior. In a bizarre twist, and literal turn of the camera, a filmmaker at Middlebury College learned firsthand an octopus’ proclivity for observational learning.

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The Crazy Critters of Anilao, Philippines

maccarelli_wet pixel

“Five stars in the night”. Bigfin reef squid (Sepioteuthis lessoniana): Photography by: Marco Maccarelli

Anilao, Philippines has some of the best diving in the world, as you can see here by the wide array of unusual critters caught on camera.

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Coming Up for Air, Through the Lens of a Coldwater Photograher

“…at some point we lost the innocent feeling of looking, and understood what we wanted…the simple satisfaction of our own mortality.”

The sea is a harsh and humbling mistress, and Mickey Smith’s gruff, poetic voice and dauntless lens bear the weight of it all.


The Winners of the 2013 Red Bull Illume Contest Have Been Announced, But These Are My Picks


Secret Spot, Bahamas, by Chris Straley


Lahinch, Ireland, by George Karbus

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Join a Photography Expedition with Wetpixel to South Komodo, Indonesia

Wetpixel is offering 11-night underwater photography trips to South Komodo, Indonesia next year aboard the Seven Seas, a 45-meter Buginese luxury schooner.

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The Fabulous [and Dangerous] Life of a Surf Photographer

Photograph by Jeff Flindt

The function of professional surfing, and photography, brings to mind warm water, women in bikinis, and an endless summer vacation, but what are we missing when we drool over the lives of those who chase waves all day? The reef rash, the confrontations, and oh yeah, the ever-constant threat of drowning.

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The Ocean From Space


The space station is treated to 16 sunrises and 16 sunsets per day, so there are endless opportunities to see how the sun transforms the land and ocean below. Shown here, sunlight bounces off the waters surrounding Newfoundland on Aug. 27. Credit: NASA

“I will miss watching the Earth transform from day into night and night into day sixteen times a day,” said Garan.

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How to Shoot a Surf Lineup

Good surf photography has almost as much intrigue as surfing itself, and it’s not always all about the waves.

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