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Hawaiian Surf Legend Duke Kahanamoku’s Former Diamond Head Home Is on the Market for Almost $9 million


Photo: KITV.

Built in 1937, the nearly 4,000 square foot home, formerly belonging to Olympic champion swimmer and surf revolutionary Duke Paoa Kahanamoku sits on what was once a fishing village during the King Kamehameha the Great era.


Photo: KITV.

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Navigated by Sun and Stars, Hawaiian Voyaging Canoe Hokule’a Is Officially Halfway Around the World in Mossel Bay, South Africa


Photo: Na’alehu Anthony/Polynesian Voyaging Society and ‘Oiwi TV.

Congratulations to Hōkūleʻa and crew on reaching Mossel Bay, South Africa, and their successful passage of the Indian Ocean!

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 1.29.22 PM

Approaching South African waters, Hōkūleʻa pays customary respect to their hosting nation by flying their ensign. Photo: Sam Kapo/’Oiwi TV.

South Africa marks the officially halfway point of the canoe’s circumnavigation. She’ll head into the South Atlantic for a long crossing over to Brazil. (View a Google map of their proposed route here.)

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Bottlenose Dolphins and Humpback Whales Share their Spirit and Intelligence to Make Up a New Game


Image of a bottlenose dolphin and humpback whale ‘playing’. Photo by Lori Mazzuca. Marine Mammal Biologist at US Navy SPAWAR Systems Centre Pacific.

Watching YouTube videos about interspecies friendships, such as a dog and an elephant, makes everyone’s heart melt. There is something so sweet about animals connecting to one another, even if they typically assume the role of predator and prey in the wild or other settings. But one fairly unusual pairing has caught the interest of whale watchers and scientists in Hawaii.

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A spartan solar tree house for sale in Hawaii

Anyone looking to go off the grid and live in a tree house? The 185 square foot, two-level structure is powered by two 15-watt solar panels, which are connected to a battery and a power inverter.

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Palm Trees Being Eaten By Lava

This vintage video shows eruptions from Hawaii’s Mauna Loa and Kileuea in ’55 and ’59. Found by Kasia Cieplay-Mayr Von Baldegg from The Atlantic.

Hawaii In the 1960s, By Elizabeth Logue

Elizabeth Logue was a model and actress known for her role in Hawaii, alongside Julie Andrews and as the girl from the opening credits of Hawaii Five O. Elizabeth, who is descendant of chinese, hawaiian and english blood, narrates and appears on film in this tourism film filmed in 1966. You can hear her local pride in the way she says “hawaii” and how she describes her home land.

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Kona, Hawaii – The First Two Weeks – Diving with Manta Rays

I moved to Kona, Hawaii on November 30, 2010. This is a video containing shots from my first two weeks of life on and under the water here during December 2010.

Music is Blue Skies by Noah and The Whale
Shot with a Canon T2i in a Nimar housing.

Cetacean Sensation


When I lived in Juneau and worked on the whale watch boat, we saw these guys every day.  There are two groups of Humpbacks that visit Southeast Alaska in the summer.  There’s the group that migrates from Baja, and the group that migrates from Hawaii.

downypube dipshitI’m Aaron. I have lived in Chicago, Anchorage, and DC.  Now I live in Kailua, Hawaii and I do Marine Biology Education.  I’m a big nerd who likes whales.
I enjoy satire, talking animals, and cephalopods. I work as a kayak guide in Kailua Bay, on Oahu, and on the weekends I hike, scuba dive, explore, and seek out the island’s marine inhabitants.

The whales are going to start arriving around big island within the next couple of weeks.  By December they’ll have made their way here to Oahu.

All this week I’ve been researching what’s needed in order to dive with a humpback whale.  The best places off the island to see one, the rules for diving with whales, how you do it, etc.

Whales sometimes get startled by streams of bubbles, because in the water they appear as giant columns, so tanking it is out of the question.  It’s gonna be a free dive.  As of right now I’m thinking either Hawaii Kai, or Makapu’u.  I don’t know how hard this is going to be to find one, but I’m pretty determined to swim with a whale this winter.