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Here’s Your Chance to Join a Shark Tagging Expedition with OCEARCH

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You will have to pass a quick shark quiz, mind you. Screenshot from Costa/OCEARCH.

Led by veteran shark tagger and former National Geographic TV show host Chris Fischer, OCEARCH has been one of the most prolific nonprofit shark research organizations since they launched their groundbreaking Global Shark Tracker program in 2013, through which you can keep tabs on every shark they’ve ever tagged, in real time.

Earlier this year, Outside Online profiled Fischer and OCEARCH, suggesting that the organization, despite heavy criticism by many as being a bunch of big-game fishermen masquerading as ecologists, might be the last hope of the great white shark.

Now through September 21st, OCEARCH is running a sweepstakes through which a few lucky winners will be invited to join the crew on a shark tagging expedition (location TBD).

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The Food Chain Ends Here…


The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy captured this stunning, colorful series of aerial photos of a white shark thinning the grey seal colony off Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge in Cape Cod. Photo: ©Wayne Davis/Atlantic White Shark Conservancy.

While the grey seal population continues to explode along the northeast coast of the United States, and particularly along Cape Cod, Massachusetts, the white sharks are also returning. Make no mistake, this is a good thing. It’s nature’s way of population control, and to some it may be the single most magnificent display nature has to offer; this is the end of the food chain.

(Note: Things get a little gory below the jump.)

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Is This The Largest Great White Ever Seen?


“I give you the biggest white shark ever seen in front of the cages in Guadalupe Island… DEEP BLUE!!!” – Shark researcher Mauricio Hoyos Padilla. Screenshot from Mauricio Hoyos Padilla’s video.

In the fall of 2013 off Guadalupe Island, Mexico, local researcher Mauricio Hoyos Padilla was filming a tagging effort for The Discovery Channel when this “20-plus” foot female great white shark arrived on the scene. While 20-foot white sharks are not entirely unheard of, what is most admirable about this creature is her girth. She looks almost as big around as the bathyscaphe Trieste, as if she’d be able to accommodate both Jacques Piccard and Don Walsh, comfortably.

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A 20 Foot (Great White?) Shark Was Mysteriously Delivered to a Backyard in Qingdao, China


Just another day in the neighborhood. Photo: ImagineChina/REX Shutterstock.

Identified as a great white, the 6 meter shark was delivered by crane to a man in a Tuhao (“provincial rich”, or “uncivilized splendor”) neighborhood in China’s port city of Qingdao.

One neighbor reported that he caught the gigantic fish “very far out at sea”. Another explained that the resident in question bought the shark, as he had a sizable shark delivered the previous year as well, which he shared with the neighborhood. Apparently the man enjoys skinning, dressing and butchering the endangered animals in his backyard.

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The Renewed Majesty of the Monterey Bay Aquarium

The Monterey Bay Aquarium in Monterey, California has been the only institution able to keep great white sharks in an aquarium, and now they have a new occupant, their sixth since 2004. The 43-pound, four-foot, seven-inch juvenile great white was collected off Malibu, and he just arrived at the newly renovated aquarium yesterday (August 31st, 2011).

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Curly, the first Atlantic Great White Shark to Be Filmed in 30 Years

This female shark named “Curly” is the first Atlantic Great White Shark to be filmed underwater in over thirty years, and at 18 feet, it is among the largest ever filmed.

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Shark Men Claim Catch of Largest Great White Yet

The expedition crew of the t.v. series Shark Men struggle to quickly tag and release Apache–a 17.9 foot (5.5 meter), two-ton male great white shark caught and released in the fall of 2009 off Guadalupe Island.  The shark was fitted with a satellite tracking device, a tag, and a blood sample was taken.  Little is known about white sharks and their migratory patterns, and by tracking these fish, the expedition crew hopes to learn more about their travels so that the species and its waters can be better protected.

The team claims that this is the largest white shark yet caught and released alive, though their record is not (yet) held with any formal organizations.

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This week in "creatures that washed up on the beach"

Oh, just a giant squid and a great white.

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