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Wish You Were Here: Rights, Rights and More Rights at Punta Roca, El Salvador


There are a handful of breaks around Punta Roca, all susceptible to various swell directions making for good waves on any given day at one spot or another, and no matter who you take along, there are waves for everyone. Photo: Quincho Aragon/Adventure Sports Tours

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 11.51.55 AM

Empty and perfect on the inside. Photo: AST Surf Hotel

Punta Roca is a regular-footer’s dream series of point breaks, and after the leg-burners have had their way with you, you can book a diving or snorkeling trip, fishing trip, tour of the coffee plantations. Then again, depending on your condition you could just walk, hobble or crawl up to the rooftop restaurant, catch a Salvadoran sunset and sap on a tequila. We won’t judge you.

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 11.51.35 AM

AST’s Punta Roca Surf Hotel rooftop Restaurant and Bar will ease your sunburnt, ache-riddled body after a long day’s surf. Photo: AST Surf Hotel

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El Salvador Samaritans

I am really proud to have worked on the story Salvador Samaritans for the amazing new magazine Western Civ. It’s a tribute to the friends I met while surfing and building a high school in El Salvador with Surf For Life. Most travel editors want you to stick to the facts, never mind the sentiment. Western Civ had the exact opposite focus, and wanted the story to be all about heart. So it is.

My good friend Brian Lam and I were on the same flight out of San Francisco together. He fell asleep on the plane, and when he woke up, the stewardess was asking me if I wanted pancakes. Brian groggily looked at me and asked, “How did I wake up in your dream?” That sentiment summed up the whole trip–everyone finding out about each other’s passions, personalities, and surfing styles, and reveling in our collective mishaps and talents.

The photographs are from the incredibly talented Erin Kunkel and Ward Robinson, who is one of the editors for the magazine.

Read the full story over at Western Civ Magazine.

Wish You Were Here: El Cuco, El Salvador

The 9am El Salvadorian sun beat down like a drum. And here we were trying to move a two-ton mound of dirt with nothing but the most primitive tools.

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Thanks For the Bonzer, Malcolm

From: brian lam
Subject: A bonzer for a surfer hunting for fun but humbled by winter waves and low levels of fitness and experience
Date: March 6, 2011 10:29:57 AM PST
To: malcolm

Surfing By Feel: Reflections from El Salvador

I’ve always wanted to surf at night. My friend has a story of hanging out one night a bonfire, and seeing two guys with boogie boards getting out of the water. When asked if it was fun, one of the guys said, “Sure, really fun. I can only imagine how great this must be during the day when you can actually see.”

I got my first chance to surf at night in El Salvador, when I went down to El Cuco with an eclectic group of surfers as part of a Surf For Life trip. Surf For Life takes surfers to exotic destinations, and gets them into waves, but also puts them to work in building and restoring schools within the communities.

I’ve done surf trips before. And I’ve done service trips before. But I’ve never done both at once. Just like I had never surfed at night.

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I’m Going To El Salvador To Build a School. How About We Name It After You?

At the start of September, I’ll be going to El Salvador’s El Cuco region to catch a few waves and see the seaside. My travel buddies are a bunch of writers, artists, board shapers and little old me. (Andy Olive from SanFranPsycho, Danny Hess, Jay Nelson, The Scuttlefish’s very own Mark Lukach as well as Surf For Life’s Alex Fang and Jaimal Yogis.) Besides the love of the ocean, we’ve got a common task: We’re going to be building a high school together. 

It’s a small high school, about two rooms big, and we’ll make it in a week. But it’ll be the area’s first. If we can do it, which depends on some help from people like, well, you.

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