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Manda: Cyrus Sutton’s New Organic, Coral-Reef-Conscious Sun Paste


Photo: Simple by Nature.

Each year, something like 5,000 tons of sunblock washes off swimmers and over coral reefs. Ingredients like Oxybenzone and Octinoxate, which are commonly found in mass-produced sunscreens (and as the FDA declared several years ago are inactive and effectively useless), blanket reefs and kill algae, thereby “bleaching” or killing coral too.

Using eight bio- and food-safe ingredients, surfer and filmmaker Cyrus Sutton has teamed up with a few friends to bring us Manda Organic Sun Paste (Kickstarter campaign launching October 1st).

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Cyrus Sutton Returns to Surf Kamchatka, Russia. A Photo Essay.


“10 days ago we were dropped off here in a MI-4 helicopter,” writes Scuttlefish friend Cyrus Sutton. “We were greeted by hollow chest high waves, poachers, bear tracks, waterfalls and swarms of deet loving mosquitos. The first day we surfed till dark with a large group of seals. After the session we returned to camp and setup the electric bear fencing which looked much more flimsy than advertised. We huddled around the fire to warm up, hide from bugs and cook dinner. Around midnight a caviar poacher from downriver walked towards us with a large gun. He explained that he feared for our safety and handed us the rusty over under shotgun loaded with two rounds then disappeared in the moonlight. We didn’t sleep too well that night . . .” Photo: Cyrus Sutton.


“There are no roads in this part of the world and the only way to access it is by renting an ex-military helicopter. At the north end of the beach one of the most pristine salmon runs in the world. This estuary flows into the icy Pacific and forms what looks to be a perfect sandbar.” Photo: Cyrus Sutton.


“We watched flawless tiny waves peel across the small cobblestones as we pulled large Silver Salmon from the river.” Photo: Cyrus Sutton.


There’s at least one good thing about spotting big bear tracks along the river; it’s a good indication that the salmon might be running. Photo: Cyrus Sutton.

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Filmmaker and Surfer Cyrus Sutton Rarely Veers from the Sea, But When He Does, It’s Magnificent.

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 9.51.32 AM

Screenshot: A Big Backyard/

A Big Backyard is professional surfer and filmmaker Cyrus Sutton’s latest exploit, and it also features his new Mercedes Sprinter, which he told us about earlier this year.

With stops in Zion, Red Rock, Death Valley, The Grand Canyon and Page, Arizona–all within a day’s drive from Southern California, he notes–he and his girlfriend venture through desert sands and aquamarine streams, slowly winding there way through stark, arid landscapes and back into the sea.

Follow Cyrus Sutton and here. –OJB

Meet Raw Paua, My New Home, and My Inaugural Foray into #VanLife, Inspired by Cyrus Sutton


This regal red-striped rover of a land yacht is Raw Paua, my new cabin on wheels. For the next few months, along with a surfboard, a speargun and a wok, I’ll be calling her home. Photo: Owen James Burke.

I’ve more or less been a city kid throughout most of my “adult” life. I’ve never really owned a car, except for a month or two here and there. I’ve never even stayed in any one place long enough to buy a car, either. But in New Zealand, at least for the itinerant salt-junkie such as me, it is categorically imperative. -OJB


 Raw Paua’s first trip to the beach. The gratuities of #VanLife didn’t hesitate to make themselves known on our maiden voyage. . . . 10 minutes down the road. Photo: Owen James Burke.

A while back, my sagacious editor and advisor Chris Dixon, suggested a lifestyle change which I took with a grain of salt at first. His proposition? Move out of your house and into a van. But I’m a boat guy, I thought to myself, and wasn’t there a Saturday Night Live skit about this, with Chris Farley and David Spade? Could this have been his eloquent way of handing me my pink slip?

Some weeks later, Dixon put me in touch with professional surfer, filmmaker, and #VanLife guru Cyrus Sutton. In 2005, Cyrus bought a Ford Econoline, heavily customized it and hit the road. 10 years blew by, and this summer he was still occupying it full time when he moved into his dream van, a Mercedes Sprinter. Chatting with him about his van life over Skype from his Econoline, VanHalen, the idea took deeper root, and my wheels started churning. Maybe I could ditch the boat for a while and take to the road. Still, I was scratching my head at the idea of myself living in a van. Is this me?

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Buy Cyrus Sutton’s Surf Van, Stop Paying Rent, Quit Your Job and Get Lost.


Cyrus Sutton’s iconic Ford 2003 Econoline, VanHalen, is now up for auction on eBay. She’s traveled far and wide, but Cyrus has given her all the love a van could ever ask for.


The interior is all wood which makes her easy to keep clean and tidy, she just needs a little varnishing every two or three years. Photo: Cyrus Sutton.


She sleeps three, or one and 6 surfboards, give or take, Cyrus tells me. Photo: Cyrus Sutton.

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Spreading Digital Aloha

The most spirited and visually arresting video about the ocean today comes from, born from the blood, sweat and tears of Cyrus Sutton and company (hello Reis!). They’re fund raising to launch a new version of the site, but they’re not just asking for handouts. They’re giving away some really great limited edition gear for the people who kick in a few bucks. I just got a cool handplane and t shirt designed by Ed from Quality Peoples. Here’s how you can do the same.

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Under the Sun, A Surf Film by Cyrus Sutton

Shot in 16mm, Cyrus brilliantly explores how California hippy culture and surfing collided in Byron Bay and the Gold Coast of Australia, and why commercial surfing may have erupted out of the movement.

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Strange Love Craft: My Massive Handplane Quiver

I like body surfing with a handplane. I guess a few other people do, too, since Keith Malloy is making a movie about it. Here’s my quiver. I don’t know how I ended up with so many, but I get them and give them to friends and somehow this is what I ended up with.

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