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Watch a Family of Bottlenose Dolphins Rescue a Struggling Seal Pup Under Siege off Canada

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 11.13.49 AM

Screenshot from the Oasis HD video below.

The seal cub, either tired, confused or frightened, was lagging off the coast of Canada when a few gulls prepared to gang up on the lagging pup.

Suddenly, as is their mysterious wont, a family of bottlenose dolphins appeared and encouraged the young pup to keep swimming with a series of gentle nudges.

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“This Is My Wilson”: A Canadian Man Survived Rapids and Whirlpools Clinging to a Crab Float and Jerry Cans for Hours off Vancouver Island

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 6.06.50 PM

Photo: CTV News.

“Kevin Strain is having difficulty deciding where he’ll hang the crab float he credits with saving his life,” the Vancouver Sun reports after Kevin Strain, who was not wearing a life jacket, remained alive and afloat for more than two hours thanks to a pair of 20-liter (6.6 gallon) fuel cans and a crab float to which he clung after the fishing vessel he was aboard struck a rock.

“This is my Wilson,” he told the Sun.

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“Get off the Beach!” Watch (and Listen) as an Iceberg Splits in Two and Floods a Placid Newfoundland Beach with Surf

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 12.19.11 PM

Screenshot from Jason Griffiths’ YouTube video.

Jason Griffiths of Newfoundland, Canada captured video from his balcony of this sizable midsummer iceberg crackling and careening into the sea. Meanwhile, his wife–an Ontario native, unfamiliar with the ways of the sea–and their dogs were on the beach. Toward the end of the clip as the waves make shore, you can hear him beckoning to them, “Get off the beach!”

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The Canadian-American War Over Two Tiny, Treeless Maritime Islands

1942 Eric Aldwinckle and Albert E. Cloutier. Lick them over there

Image: Wikimedia Commons.

Lobstermen are a brutish breed; I say this only because I grew up amongst them. Even at 12 and 13 years of age while fishing in my small skiff, Blues Dory, I had horrific confrontations with them. Guns were drawn, expletives were shouted. All at a young boy quietly fishing in his little open skiff.

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 4.10.42 AM

Above: The American, true, northern, or Maine lobster (Homarus americanus), depending on whom you ask. Others just call it Maritime gold. Photo: Santa Barbara Fish Market.

It’s a precious commodity those men spend their lives chasing, and they’ll guard their traps and their catch to the bitter end.

Above: Machias Seal Rock, one of two disputed islands between the Gulf of Maine (USA) and New Brunswick (CA), upon which only Canada has staked its flag. Photo: Fred J. Field/CP.

A pair of islands in what is called “the gray area” between the United States and Canada are more or less barren, arid low-lying protrusions from the sea–rocks, really. One, called North Rock, is home to a gray seal colony. The other, Machias Seal Rock, is a puffin sanctuary and Canada’s (or so they claim) last manned lighthouse. It’s also only .1 square kilometers and uninhabitable, for all intents and purposes. So why has a battle between The United States and Canada continued to quietly ensue since, well, The American Revolution?

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Life Is Tough for Harp Seals in Canada, and This Photographer Has the Scar to Prove It


It’s a tough start in a harsh environment for harp seals in Canada’s Gulf of St. Lawrence. Born on the ice sheets and raised by their mothers for merely a few days before being shoved off on their own, harp seal pups, called white coats at infancy, are dealt a rough hand with their very first breath in this world.

Jennifer Hayes and her partner David Doubilet have spent two years photographing the ecosystem within Canada’s St. Lawrence Gulf, of which they spent 10 days with harp seals on and under the ice near Magdalen Island.

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Wish You Were Here: Baffin Island, Canada

The northern lights put on a show in Canada’s Arctic Archipelago, where the sun sets on November 22nd and does not rise until January 19th of the following year.

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Mystery of Those Floating Severed Feet Solved

These four sneakers washed up within a year of each other in 2008

Perhaps a dozen feet have washed up along the northwest Pacific coastline in the past several years, and Canadian authorities now think they may know why, reports ABC News.

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