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Buenos Días El Niño – Yellow Bellied Sea Snakes off Southern California – and Live on the Beach at Oxnard


A yellow bellied sea snake found and photographed by Robert Forbes on the beach at Oxnard. Photo: Robert Forbes.

In California, the 2015-16 El Niño continues its strange and ominous march towards the record books. Today there was not only massive, wild flooding up in Tehachapi, but my buddy Brandon Cruz, better known to many in the surf world as Bonzer5Fin and to the larger world as Eddie from famed late 60’s CBS sitcom The Courtship of Eddie’s Father, helped confirm rumors floating around Southern California. Yeah, that’s a picture of a yellow bellied sea snake, known in Latin as Pelamis platura. On the beach. In Oxnard. Yeah, it’s alive.

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Unimaginable Wealth Yet Decades of Emptiness: Bellosguardo – A Mansion Frozen in Time

Buddy Moffett from EmptyMansionsBook

The Bellosguardo Estate. Photo by Buddy Moffet.

Hidden above one of the most valuable stretches of coastline in California lies a 21,666-square-foot French mansion that has been empty for close to 60 years. Bellosguardo was the summer home of copper heiress Huguette Clark and sits on 23 acres overlooking Santa Barbara and the Pacific Ocean.

After Huguette’s mother died, she did not return to the estate because her memories were too sad to want to stay there. The last time she visited was in 1953, nearly six decades before her own death in 2011.

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If You Left a Piece of Your Heart in San Francisco or in Big Sur Like Me, This Time Lapse is for You


Aerials of the Pacific Coast Highway 1 start at 1:58 minute mark. Screen shot from Mark G. Media.

Time lapse and aerial video of San Francisco and down the coast through Big Sur. All shot in 2 days from Mark G. Media.

It’s Harbor Seal Pupping Season in Pacific Grove, California!


Photo from The Harbor Seals of Pacific Grove

If you are in the Monterey area over the next few weeks you may be able to catch a momma harbor seal giving birth to a new pup! Witness the miracle of birth at the 5th Street Rookery or at the Hopkins Marine Station Beach. If you can’t make it in person, check out the The Harbor Seals of Pacific Grove Facebook page for beautiful videos and a glimpse into the first moments of a harbor seal pup’s life.

HS screen shot

Watch the video of the one of the many births at Hopkins Beach here.

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World’s First Grid-Connected Wave Generator Kicks into Gear in Australia

CETOimage_1024 copy

Image provided by Carnegie Wave Energy.

Off the coast of Perth, Australia, Carnegie Wave Energy has switched on a pilot project to feed wave-generated electricity into a local Western Australia grid and provide energy to over 2,000 homes. After a decade of research and development, CETO, named after a Greek goddess of the sea, converts ocean swell into zero-emission renewable power and zero-emission desalinated freshwater. Coastal areas with high energy demands or hard hit by drought over the last few years such as California, could benefit enormously from this technology.

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The Jumbo Squid’s Astonishing Flashdance – Using Light For Communication and Camouflage

squid sweater

These mounted cameras are a first for squid research and can help decode language and chatter of flashes and flickers. Photo by Joel Hollander

In a recent study published in the Journal of Experimental Biology out of Stanford University’s Hopkins Marine Lab, Ph.D. student Hannah Rosen and other scientists have been able to capture on film the complex communication dance of the Humboldt squid Dosidicus gigasThe jumbo squid, whose mantle length can measure up to 5 ft., were outfitted with a child-sized surf rash guard and fastened with National Geographic’s underwater critter cams (footage below).

jumbo squid

Divers and the jumbo squid in the Sea of Cortez.  Photo by Jim Knowlton and from GrindTV.

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Wish You Were Here: Newport Beach, California

“Easy Like Sunday Morning” by John Carleton

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