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Friendship Lures a Penguin Back to a Brazil – Year After Year


Screenshot from video by Paul Kiernan/The Wall Street Journal.

In 2001, a bricklayer living on the southeast coast of Brazil was met with a surprise outside of his beach shack – a Megallanic penguin lying at his doorstep, covered in oil. After cleaning and caring for the penguin, it returned to sea, and was presumably gone forever. But since then, the penguin nicknamed JingJing has returned year after year to visit his savior while feeding in the warmer waters off Brazil before migrating back to the breeding grounds off southern Argentina. It’s a remarkable friendship that would make anyone wonder about the sentience of these brilliant little birds.

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Brazilian Surfer Ricardo dos Santos, 24, Shot Dead Outside His Home


Ricardo dos Santos, in his element. Photo: Henrique Pinguim via Globo

Initial reports are many and varying, but the fact is that Mr. Ricardo dos Santos, a young, promising, dauntless Brazilian surfer who was just featured on the cover of Surfer Magazine’s recent November Issue sitting back as cool as you like in a beautiful, gaping barrel, has died after suffering three gunshot wounds to the abdomen.


Tube riding was dos Santos’ expertise, and this wave landed him on the cover of Surfer Magazine’s November, 2014 issue. Photo: Islandeye

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Wish You Were Here: Snake Island, Brazil

Probably one of the few islands off Brazil that you’d never entertain the idea of visiting is Ilha da Queimada Grande, which means island of the big burn (Queimada is a Portuguese term used for slash-and-burn agriculture). Although perhaps slightly misleading, the island’s name is not far from the experience that a human might have upon setting foot on the island.

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100 Beach Goers Attacked By Piranhas in Brazil

Last weekend, roughly 100 people were treated for piranhas bites on their heels and toes after bathing at a small beach in Northeast Brazil. For the past two months, in fact, beach goers have reported numerous attack from piranhas.

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Wish You Were Here: Búzios, Brazil

About 100 miles north east from the noise and light of Rio is Búzios, otherwise known as Armação dos Búzios. I found this photo on Sea Lust tumblr, one of my favorites when I need a pick me up. Upon further research, I discovered that this little place, formerly a haven for pirates and slavers, was once the play ground of none other than Bridge Bardot. Legend has it that she first visited the little town in the ’60s, and loved it so much she stayed for months rather than days. Some sites reference Búzios as a hidden gem. Others say cruise ships frequent it. Whatever the truth is, I wish I was here.

*Flickr Zvaal via sea lust, Wiki*

Wish You Were Here: Fernando de Noronha Island, Brazil

An archipelago of 21 volcanic islands and islets, the main island of Fernando de Noronha is the largest (7 sq mi), set about 220 miles northeast of the mainland of Brazil.  The waters here are so warm, you can dive to 30 meters without having to stretch into a wetsuit.  Wouldn’t be a bad place to sit down and write a novel for a few months, or years…

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Rio Breaks

Rio Breaks is a movie about two kids from the Arpoador Beach Favela in Rio, Fabio and Naama, who balance their young lives between crime and surfing. The movie is from 2009, but since the film’s launch, Brazil’s biggest TV celebrity, Luciano Huck, has moved the story forward.

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Wish You Were Here: Tree House in Ubatuba, Brazil

This house, built near a Brazilian beach, is suspended from concrete columns and steel beams, with access and views to the ocean from the top. Apartment Therapy calls it a modern day, 3660 square foot interpretation of the Swiss Family Robinson house. I just wish we were there.

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