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Something Rotten in Paradise: Diving Bermuda’s Gorgeous Shipwrecks


Shipwrecks are tragic. Shipwrecks are also, for divers far removed from the disaster itself, a chance to explore what happens when nature has its eventual way with mankind and its puny machines. Bermuda’s waters are known for having plenty of wrecks, even considering the ones that didn’t disappear entirely.

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Tucker’s Cross: Gold and Swollen With Emeralds, This Was The World’s Most Valuable Sunken Treasure

Teddy is a descendant of Bermuda’s first governor, but he made his own fortunes by doing what so many have tried and failed at: Treasure hunting. He’s seen over a hundred wrecks around his home island and pioneered the technique of searching for wrecks by going up in a chair floated by a helium balloon and towed by a boat. Among all his research and diving work for places like National Geographic and The Explorer’s Club, his most notable find was that of a golden cross later named Tucker’s Cross, swollen with emeralds and found in shallow waters. In the 1950s, it was valued by the Smithsonian at $250k. That’s it above. Kinda.

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Bermuda: Getting There Was Half the Fun


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Bermuda was one of the earliest tourism hot spots in the Caribbean. Before the jet age, only the rich could afford to visit Bermuda–here are the luxurious ways by which they arrived.

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A (Un)Healthy Love and Brief History of Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda shorts did not originate in Bermuda, but they are the national clothing of Bermuda. The British military gets credit for their creation. As the imperialistic nation expanded in the late 19th century, many fully-clothed soldiers complained of the stifling heat in parts of the world like the Carribean. To solve this, the Brits modified their dress code a bit, trimmed off their formal pants and turned them into shorts.

All Bermuda shorts are by definition above the knee–and are considered formal wear, in Bermuda. The Bermudans adopted the British military custom and ran with it like wildfire. Bermuda in the early 20th century was the playground of the uber-elite of the UK and the US, and many men brought their un-covered knees back to Martha’s Vineyard with them. As such, Bermuda shorts became a smash sensation in the preppy East Coast in the 1950s, which was when they began to take on different pastel shades.

The most important thing to remember about Bermuda shorts is that when planning them in your outfit, you should treat them as the exact same as wearing dress pants, except that they’re not. They’re shorts that go above your knee. As such, men will often wear a fancy shirt, tie, blazer, high socks, shoes, and Bermuda shorts, and no one would give a crap. Apparently you can even get away with Bermuda shorts as wedding attire, which makes me really wish that I had gotten married in Bermuda.

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Video: Pan Am’s Wings to Bermuda, Circa 1960

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At the start of the Jet age, Bermuda’s tourism, long established before, was threatened by the development of other areas in the Caribbean. But Bermuda dumped a quarter of a million dollars into marketing the island and videos like this one by Pan Am sparked interest. In the end, jets helped bring less affluent travelers to the area.

I’ve never seen 60’s era footage like this. I’ve seen plenty of Californian or New York or LA scenery; never undersea portraiture, the littlest drawbridges, and shapely Bermudian sailboats racing in crystalline waters.


Wish You Were Here: Bermuda, Isle of Devils

We’re taking a closer look at Bermuda this week.

A series of small islands out there all by themselves in the stream 640 miles from Hatteras, North Carolina lie The Bermudas, with a barrier reef to the east and a steep shelf to the west. Lined with pink sand beaches and coral reef, Bermuda actually consists of 181 tiny islands (referred to as “The Bermudas”), but the main island is 20 square miles surrounded by 64 miles of coastline.

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Wish You Were Here: Unknown, Bermuda