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The Return of Migaloo, the Albino Humpback Whale and Friends to Waters off Australia


Migaloo. Photo from My Modern Net

Excitement is building along the eastern coast of Australia as whale watchers anxiously await the return of Migaloo, the all white humpback whale, made famous in 2004 when he was first spotted off Byron Bay.

Migaloo, thought to be the only albino humpback in the world, was joined by a white humpback calf spotted swimming alongside his/her mother in 2011. Given that albinism is an inherited trait, the calf is speculated to be Migaloo’s offspring and aptly named Migaloo Junior or MJ.


Mother with normal pigmentation with MJ an albino calf. Photo credit: White Whale Research Centre.

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Ten Below: A Photographic Journey into the Hidden World Just Beneath the Ocean Waves


IMAGE: Stephen Bakalich-Murdoch

Sometimes the greatest mystery and beauty lies within our reach and we don’t ever realize it. In Stephen Bakalich-Murdoch’s new series, Ten Below, he shares beautiful photographs of the underwater world just a few inches beneath the surface along Sydney Australia’s coast.

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Wish you Were Here: Surfing with Dolphins in Esperance, Australia

dolphins surfing

A still from Jennene and Dave Riggs’ Vimeo clip.

Videographers Jennene and Dave Riggs captured this beautiful footage last year of dolphins catching waves off Esperance, Western Australia. They used a Phantom 2 Quadcopter with Gimbal and Gopro to film this extraordinary sight.

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World’s First Grid-Connected Wave Generator Kicks into Gear in Australia

CETOimage_1024 copy

Image provided by Carnegie Wave Energy.

Off the coast of Perth, Australia, Carnegie Wave Energy has switched on a pilot project to feed wave-generated electricity into a local Western Australia grid and provide energy to over 2,000 homes. After a decade of research and development, CETO, named after a Greek goddess of the sea, converts ocean swell into zero-emission renewable power and zero-emission desalinated freshwater. Coastal areas with high energy demands or hard hit by drought over the last few years such as California, could benefit enormously from this technology.

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Nat Geo 1957

Collecters upend coral bushes in order to find mollusks, Australia, 1957

Collectors upend coral bushes in order to find mollusks. This is something we later learned is a very bad thing to do.
(via nationalgeographicscans on tumblr)

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Mark Tipple’s “Underwater Project”

Escape. A young man stretches out to avoid the wave breaking above at Coogee Beach, Sydney. “The first from the underwater series, we were all caught inside by a set. Almost subconsciously, I turned the camera on the swimmers, and it turned out to be a good thing. The next wave punished me and ripped the leash off my wrist, sending the housing into the shorey somewhere – by the time I retrieved it, the swimmers had bailed, and I never got his name.”

Surf photography has been around for the better half of a century now, and it may seem that there’s not much left to explore.  Mark Tipple was looking to showcase Australia’s relationship with the ocean when one day during a photo shoot he ducked under a wave and found what he’d been after– “an almost quiet moment amongst the chaos.” – Mark Tipple

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Children Play at Water’s Edge, Great Whites Hunt in Shorebreak

That’s no dolphin in the crest of the approaching swell, but a great white shark patrolling for salmon and other fish in the breakers, just feet from these small tykes who were playing in the sand just inches from the shallows at Bennetts Beach, Hawks Nest, Australia.  There were two sharks, actually, and one nearly found itself washed ashore after getting stuck in the face of a wave.

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Cappuccino Coast, Australia

Within the course of every couple of decades or so, northerly storms send massive amounts of this cappuccino-colored foam across 30 miles of beaches north of Sydney, Australia.  What triggers the foam?

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