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40 Knots and Madness at the Pozo World Windsurfing Cup

The first day of the World Windsurfing Cup, in Pozo Izquierdo, Canary Islands, happened on a day that also happened to have 40 knots of wind. That kind of power, given to professional windsurfers, with rough seas to ramp off of, result in shots like the one above. Note the positioning of the wind turbines in the background.

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World’s Largest-Ever Kitesurfed Wave Ridden in Fiji

YouTube Preview Image

“When I dropped into that wave, it never let me get to the bottom…I felt that I was in a motionless wave. All I knew was that I put so much effort into this moment that I needed to hold on till the very end.”

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João Rodrigues Attempts Open Ocean Crossing on Windsurf Board

Portugal’s João Rodrigues, 1995 Winner of the World Windsurfing Championship in South Africa has set a new goal for himself.  He plans to complete a 160-mile open ocean crossing from Madeira to the Selvagem Grand Island in about 12 hours on his windsurf board.  Rodrigues will take on his challenge in an effort to promote Portuguese heritage and “oldest way of traveling by sea: ‘being blown downwind’”–which is also, ironically, the most comfortable point of sail.

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Watch a kiteboarder break the world wind-powered speed record

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About a week ago, Alex Caizergues hit 54.x knots on a kiteboard, averaging over 500 meters in 45 knots of wind. Look at all the rocks in the area.

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Danger in the bay

When I learned to sail, the instructor said that sailing in the SF bay was the second most challenging place to sail in the world. This photo from photographer Shawn Davis during the 2010 US windsurf championships, shows why.

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