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“Caught Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea.” The Harrowing Flight of the Flying Fish.

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 8.27.53 AM

Above, a mahi mahi (aka dorado or dolphinfish) gives a flying fish the fright of its life. Screenshot from the BBC video below.

Flying fish (family Exocoetidae) can glide for hundreds of yards to dodge predatory fish like mahi mahi (Coryphaena hippurus) from below, but when the frigate birds arrive, they’re merely out of the frying pan and into the fire.

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This Is How Beetles Breathe Underwater

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 9.09.17 AM

Screenshot from the video below.

Beetles and other bugs can’t hold their breath the same way humans do, so those that rely on submarine food sources carry air with them underwater, thanks to surface tension.

The beetle gathers air and forms a bubble with its outer wings while on the surface, dragging it down as it dives to hunt for food. When the bubble runs low, the beetle simply lets go of what’s left and returns topside for another.

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Watch a Family of Bottlenose Dolphins Rescue a Struggling Seal Pup Under Siege off Canada

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 11.13.49 AM

Screenshot from the Oasis HD video below.

The seal cub, either tired, confused or frightened, was lagging off the coast of Canada when a few gulls prepared to gang up on the lagging pup.

Suddenly, as is their mysterious wont, a family of bottlenose dolphins appeared and encouraged the young pup to keep swimming with a series of gentle nudges.

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How a ‘Bubble Curtain’ Will Protect Marine Life When San Francisco’s Bay Bridge Is Demolished


It would appear that this might be the greatest lengths any demolition project has ever approached in order to save a population of smelt, and that is why we love San Francisco. Gif file:

This fall, before 9072 tons of dynamite are detonated, likely this month, when waters are believed to be least teaming with fish and mammals, a diffusion of bubbles will be cast around the bridge in order act as an alarm, hopefully dispersing and deterring wildlife from the area. An audio recording will also be played in hopes of warding off birds, too.

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. . . And Now, A Whale-Riding Sea Lion off Baja California

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 9.45.02 PM

Screenshot from the video below.

Sea lions have been recorded doing some remarkable things, not least of which eating sharks. Now, we can (officially) add gray whale-riding to their repertoire.

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“The Ocean is a Scary Beautiful Place.” Life in Salt: Karim Iliya on Travel, Photography and Flying Drones Over the Red Sea for His Upcoming Freediving Documentary

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 12.27.02 PM

“For me, it’s about seeing things, and the camera is just a machine. I just use that machine to show people how I view existence.” Photo: Krannichfeld Photography/Courtesy of Karim Iliya.

At just 24 years old, British-born Maui-based photographer and videographer Karim Iliya’s curiosity has led him around the globe by sea, sky and land, to which his vast range of subjects are testament. He’s trekked the Arctic, dived into a humpback whale brawl off Tonga, and filmed a volcanic eruption in Guatemala. You might not believe it from his age, but the list goes on.

Ten years ago, when Karim first started with a point-and-shoot camera, his dream was to travel the world taking photographs. Today, he’s a wizard behind the lens, and a masterful drone pilot. We caught up with him in China, on his way to North Korea, where he’s hoping he might be allowed to boot up his camera.

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Friendship Lures a Penguin Back to a Brazil – Year After Year


Screenshot from video by Paul Kiernan/The Wall Street Journal.

In 2001, a bricklayer living on the southeast coast of Brazil was met with a surprise outside of his beach shack – a Megallanic penguin lying at his doorstep, covered in oil. After cleaning and caring for the penguin, it returned to sea, and was presumably gone forever. But since then, the penguin nicknamed JingJing has returned year after year to visit his savior while feeding in the warmer waters off Brazil before migrating back to the breeding grounds off southern Argentina. It’s a remarkable friendship that would make anyone wonder about the sentience of these brilliant little birds.

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Stay Tuned for a New Film Series of Never Told Stories About California’s Channel Islands and the Oldest Site of Human Habitation in North America


Screen shot from the new film series about the history of California’s Channel Islands.

A recent Kickstarter campaign to bring short films about the West of the West: Tales from California’s Channel Islands to PBS and into California schools was successfully funded last week. The ‘West of the West tells the human history of California’s eight Channel Islands, which lie west of what is traditionally regarded as America’s frontier. In fact, those islands are our western frontier. But, their history, including that of the oldest discovered site of human habitation in all of North America, is virtually unknown.

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