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Wish You Were Here: Naked and Alone in a Japanese Bathhouse on a Rock in the Middle of the South Pacific


Photo: Owen James Burke.

Over half a mile above the sea, silky blue waters trickle up from Earth’s crust, filling and frothing a handful of small rock pools beside a rolling mountain stream on this far flung rock, somewhere in the South Pacific.


Photo: Owen James Burke.

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This Great White Feeding Will Give you Something to Ponder On Your Next Swim to Alcatraz.


Very crimson water, courtesy of a Great White, San Francisco Bay. Screen Grab from video by Chris Hindler. 

With the caption “Guess we know what happened to the few escapees…” YouTube user Chris Hindler captured the lingering fear of every swimmer who ever rounded Alcatraz Island or every surfer who ever paddled out at Fort Point. Yes, that’s a Great White shark eviscerating an unfortunate seal or sea lion near Alcatraz – inside San Francisco Bay. This may well be the first documented feeding of this kind in these waters, and it will probably give pause to the brave people who do this.


Photo: Alcatraz Sharkfest Swim

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We’re Impressed with SharkBanz’ Recent Field Tests. We’d Like to See Them in White and Tiger Shark Waters Next.

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 12.03.18 PM

Screenshot from Sharkbanz‘ YouTube video.

Sharkbanz, which we wrote about in March, is a lightweight, unobtrusive, anklet (or bracelet) that doesn’t require batteries or charging, and, unlike other shark-repelling technologies, is an affordable $60.

Recently, the father-son duo from Charleston, SC has been putting their magnets to the test by sending a dummy (dressed as “Bernie” from the classic 1990s film) out on a standup paddleboard in sharky, chum-laden waters Bimini in the Bahamas.

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As New York City’s Rockaways Gentrify, Residents, Surfers and Bathers Squabble over Beach Access


Photo credit: Chang W. Lee/The New York Times.

The struggle between surfers and shore bathers on Long Island, New York’s south shore is an age-old one, and as New York City’s outer boroughs continue to gentrify and Big Apple surfing gains popularity, tension is rising.

New York City limit surfers are currently confined to two only surfing locales: Beach 90th and Beach 67th  (not counting private-access Breezy Point). But there’s precious space between Beach 60th and Beach 66th that’s not in use, yet.

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Boy Overboard: A Bitterly Cold and Transformative Late Fall Day on Long Island Sound.

Owen Soaked

Art by Gianfranco Colangelo.

The water felt coarse against my adolescent face–more like I’d fallen through a glass window than the surface of the sea. It was mid-November on Long Island Sound. The air was probably 50 degrees, the water 45.

“Owen go swimming…I go swimming!” my toddler brother reveled, exclaiming to no one in particular.

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The Definitive Guide: The Wirecutter’s Best Summer Gear for Sand, Surf, and Sun. From the Crew of The Scuttlefish.


Photo: Quinn Dixon.

A few months ago, I started working with Wirecutter and Scuttlefish founder Brian Lam – and a slew of talented editors and waterpeople – on an update to last year’s Wirecutter Summer Gear Guide.


Photo: Quinn Dixon.

After a serious expenditure of editorial energy – somewhere around 200 combined hours (at least), we’re proud to unveil the work of authors Jaimal Yogis and Mark Lukach, filmmaker Sachi Cunningham, former Outside online editor Joe Spring, fisherman and Scuttlefish writer Owen Burke, surf Divas Nicole Grodesky, Kate Barattini and underwater photographer Abi Mullens. What follows an editorially unbiased and journalistically pursued summertime gear guide that is frankly, like nothing I’ve ever worked on, and nothing I’ve ever seen.

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Wish You Were Here: Lounging Underwater in Your Private Room off Zanzibar


Photo from The Manta Resort.

My favorite place on earth, now has what hopefully one day, will be my favorite hotel room. Last year,  The Manta Resort added a submerged hotel room to its ‘property’. Located on the remote island of Pemba – an island part of the Zanzibar archipelago just off the coast of Tanzania, the floating structure is Swedish engineered and provides three levels, each an experience in itself.  This is privacy at its finest and from your own bed, you can watch the fish swim by and fall asleep to a real underwater dreamscape.

131007-141900-5616 copy

Photo from The Manta Resort.

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So You Wanna Be a Mermaid? A New School in Montreal Might be Right for You!

Image: Mermaid Swimming Academy

Photo from AquaMermaid.

So you wanna be a mermaid? Well now you have a chance to follow your dreams at the new mermaid school in Montreal.

AquaMermaid is the first in Canada to introduce a “school” concept for mermaid swimming, with instructional courses and classes, making “AquaMermaid” accessible to everyone. Programs are structured in a safe and fun environment, and designed to cater to all age groups and genders.

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