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The Definitive Guide: The Wirecutter’s Best Summer Gear for Sand, Surf, and Sun. From the Crew of The Scuttlefish.


Photo: Quinn Dixon.

A few months ago, I started working with Wirecutter and Scuttlefish founder Brian Lam – and a slew of talented editors and waterpeople – on an update to last year’s Wirecutter Summer Gear Guide.


Photo: Quinn Dixon.

After a serious expenditure of editorial energy – somewhere around 200 combined hours (at least), we’re proud to unveil the work of authors Jaimal Yogis and Mark Lukach, filmmaker Sachi Cunningham, former Outside online editor Joe Spring, fisherman and Scuttlefish writer Owen Burke, surf Divas Nicole Grodesky, Kate Barattini and underwater photographer Abi Mullens. What follows an editorially unbiased and journalistically pursued summertime gear guide that is frankly, like nothing I’ve ever worked on, and nothing I’ve ever seen.

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Go, Surf Mats, Go!

YouTube Preview Image

Watch Mark Thompson of Krypt surf mats ride some waves on his inflatable craft. The video is long but if you watch the last section, you won’t believe how much speed he can generate on what you’d think would be a dumpy little toy in the water. The secret to using surf mats is in the way you grip and shape them to make them harder and softer and to shape the body of the vehicle to the contours of the wave. I tried to ride one once with these principles in mind and I got destroyed, so don’t ask me for any tips.

P.S. Sorry for not posting recently. I’ve been on a van trip through the desert and coastline of Southern California for a few days.

Requiem: A Shark Story, and the Last Mighty Sport on Earth

In the United States, there are typically only 2 to 3 great white shark attacks on humans each year. But as far as sports go, there may be no more lonely way to die than to be attacked by a submarine-sized great white shark, alone in the fog–it’s like the perfect trifecta for a horror film. Not knowing where a shark might be, there’s just something so illusory about paddling out into great white territory. This is the story of what may have been the largest shark to ever attack a human.

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Come Hell or High Water, A Film About Bodysurfing (and Body Boys, A Parody)

YouTube Preview Image

For his debut film (which opened yesterday), professional surfer Keith Malloy decided to take a break from the surfing routine, gather up some of the best bodysurfers the world has to offer, and travel around the world in search of waves. It must be a nice change for him not to have to pack 15 six-foot fiberglass sticks with you wherever you go. Instead, all that is needed for a bodysurfing adventure is a set of fins, and maybe a handplane. Keep an eye out for Mike Stewart and Mark Cunningham, no one has ever been able to bodysurf like either of them, before or since.

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“The Life of Ply,” A Board Short

YouTube Preview Image

“To me, swimming in the sea is dead…If the surf’s flat, I don’t bother to go in.”

Since 1948, Dorothy Long, or “Dotty” as she is known by friends and fellow surfers, has been bellysurfing ply boards religiously, apart from Great Britain’s cold winters when she retreats to the heated indoor pool.

Directed by Mark Kermode and awarded “Most Inspirational Film” at the Cornwall Film Festival Board Shorts event, “The Life of Ply” observes Dotty’s spirituality through her life-long dedication to bellyboarding, and her husband, Peter.  Peter has never taken much to the surf, but has expressed a respectable understanding of his wife’s passion for riding a good wave, likening it to his own life-long passion: golf.  “Although I don’t surf,” he admits, “I can appreciate that she’s had a good day and is on a high…The thrill of whacking a golf ball 200 yards down the fairway, I suppose is somewhat akin to riding a reasonable wave-you get that feeling of intense satisfaction and pleasure.”  Exactly.


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Strange Love Craft: Monsterboards

I love weird water craft. The monsterboards are some of the weirdest bellyboards and handplanes that I’ve seen in awhile.

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