We should escape the land and enjoy spending time in the ocean. Don’t you wish you were here? 

The scuttlefish is a project by Brian Lam, Chris Dixon and friends, celebrating the lovely, terrifying, powerful, mysterious, soothing, angry, calm, merciless, and awe inspiring sea. It has nothing much to do about technology. Except when it is a submarine.

The Scuttlefish is designed to evoke the kind of vibe you’d feel after a nice long day at the beach. Or a difficult night at sea. It’s not about animals, or sports or eco, or science, or travel or food or culture, but all of those things and perhaps a bit of lore. Because besides our own human drama, there’s no deeper well of stories, and no more mysterious and rich a frontier than the ocean. Basically, our job is to fit as much of the wonder of the seven seas onto our pages as humanly possible – through word, image and video. 

The Scuttlefish is a partner site of The Atlantic and originally reported stories appear on TheAtlantic.com at times.

Send us links and stories or just say hello at b l a m  at thescuttlefish.com, or c dixon at thescuttlefish.com.

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