“The Lady of the Lake.” This Is What the Gales of November Look Like on Lake Erie

by Owen James Burke


“There have been moments on Lake Erie where I have lowered my camera,looked over it & literally out loud said to myself “What. The. Hell… Did I just see” and my jaw drops.. This was one of those moments” — Photographer Dave Sandford.

. . . And, this is the weather that took down the 729-foot iron ore carrier the Edmund Fitzgerald on nearby Lake Superior over 40 years ago this fall.

London photographer Dave Sandford wanted to see the gales of November on the Great Lakes for himself, so he set out for Canada this past fall to capture some of the most treacherous conditions Lake Erie could produce. The results are enough to evoke terror and humility in any waterperson, salty or sweet.

The Curse of the Pharaohs

A photo posted by Dave Sandford 🇨🇦 (@sandfordpix) on


The Lady of the Lake

A photo posted by Dave Sandford 🇨🇦 (@sandfordpix) on

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