A WWII German Submarine Believed to Have Been Piloted by Axis Exiles Just Washed Ashore in Argentina, 70 Years Later

by Owen James Burke


Photo via World News Daily Report.

A mini German U-boat has been hidden beneath the seas off Argentina for roughly 70 years, but is reported to be in remarkable shape after a group of Norwegian tourists discovered the remains of the vessel during a two-week-long bike trek through the country.

Archaeologists assume that the unterseeboot (“undersea boat”) came ashore in a rush of heavy undersea current after the massive 8.3 earthquake that shook Chile last fall.

The mini U-boat is the farthest of any known WWII German submarine wreck ever found, and WWII historians are scratching their heads wondering how many more may remain at large off the South American coast.

Fernando Martin Gomez, a Buenos Aires historian, estimates that about 5,000 German Nazis–predominantly those of high rank–fled to Argentina after World War II. Many were extradited, tried and sentenced; others were given citizenship and went on to live relatively normal but highly guilt-ridden lives.

Further, according to the World News Daily Report, a History Professor at Oxford University by the name of Winston H. Hollinger even entertains the idea that Hitler himself, along with a select group of cronies, may have even used one of these vessels to escape to South America. . . .

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