Waterworld: This Is How Cities Around the World Might Look After 2-4°C (3.6-7.2 °F) of Global Warming

by Owen James Burke

“The future… The polar ice caps have melted, covering the earth with water. Those who survived have adapted, to a new world.”

Climate Central‘s peer-reviewed projections should business resume “as usual”, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the U.S.A. In summation, Lower Manhattan may want to start garnering gondolas and building floating docks, or it may just be time to head for the Colorado Rockies, build an ark, and wait for Waterworld to begin.

Check out these interactive images that show the drastic difference in sea level rise by a mere 2° celsius (click the tab in the middle of the screen and slide it back and forth.)


But after we’ve taken to our rafts, yachts, subs and canoes, the most critical question of all will remain: “so which way we rowin’?”

Read (and see) more at Climate Central.


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