Watch a Family of Bottlenose Dolphins Rescue a Struggling Seal Pup Under Siege off Canada

by Owen James Burke

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 11.13.49 AM

Screenshot from the Oasis HD video below.

The seal cub, either tired, confused or frightened, was lagging off the coast of Canada when a few gulls prepared to gang up on the lagging pup.

Suddenly, as is their mysterious wont, a family of bottlenose dolphins appeared and encouraged the young pup to keep swimming with a series of gentle nudges.

Not a moment too soon, the seal was plunging for the depths, looking as rejuvenated and vivacious as ever. Or maybe it was just scared out of its wits by the big gray beasts that had taken the place of the pecking gulls. Either way, thanks be to the dolphins.


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