Ray Cicin Is Bringing Back the Art of Ballpoint Pens With His Deep Blue Series

by Carolyn Sotka


A box of ballpoints, patience and talent is all you need to create delicate masterpieces like this. Image from Ray Cicin.

Multi-media artist Ray Cicin uses ballpoint pen as his medium for this octopus drawing as part of his Deep Blue series. This drawing took close to a year to finish. Many artists have used pens over the years, including Andy Warhol and Alberto Giacometti, and the simple pen, bless its little soul, continues to work its wonders in contemporary drawings of all types and sizes.


Cicin interpretation of an Ernst Von Haeckel octopus lithograph. Image from Ray Cicin.


Close-up. Ballpoint pen on archival Bee Rag paper. Image from Ray Cicin.

For more works check out the Ray Cicin on-line gallery. -CS 

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