How a ‘Bubble Curtain’ Will Protect Marine Life When San Francisco’s Bay Bridge Is Demolished

by Owen James Burke


It would appear that this might be the greatest lengths any demolition project has ever approached in order to save a population of smelt, and that is why we love San Francisco. Gif file:

This fall, before 9072 tons of dynamite are detonated, likely this month, when waters are believed to be least teaming with fish and mammals, a diffusion of bubbles will be cast around the bridge in order act as an alarm, hopefully dispersing and deterring wildlife from the area. An audio recording will also be played in hopes of warding off birds, too.

Unfortunately, it is still expected that a considerable, though seemingly arbitrary number of endangered longfin smelt–somewhere along the lines of exactly 1,775–will be killed by the shockwave.

 “This process can literally be done in six seconds.” Watch Caltrans’ video of the demolition proposal below.


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