Wish You Were Here: The Villa on Dunbar Rock, Mesoamerican Reef, Off Honduras

by Owen James Burke


Photo: Villa on Dunbar Rock.

The Villa on Dunbar Rock on the Mesoamerican Reef off Honduras lies 44 miles off the north coast of Honduras next to Guanaja in the Bay Islands. Some of the Caribbean’s best diving, snorkeling and flats fishing can be found here, along with some of the best r&r this big blue marble has to offer.


Photo: Villa on Dunbar Rock.

Equipped with multiple boats, eight suites (all with ocean view), a private beach, a pool and bar, and all this water, you’d have your work cut out for you trying to do all there is to do over the course of a week.


Photo: Villa on Dunbar Rock.

Or you could just lounge. Do as much or as little as you like here–who’s to judge? It would just be a shame to spend all that time in the pool when the turquoise sea could be lapping at your feet in that inviting little patch of sand below.

Read more about the Villa on Dunbar Rock and book your stay here.



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