Wish You Were Here: Meditating at an Underwater Temple in Bali

by Carolyn Sotka


Image by Natalia Maslova posted in WetPixel. 

For many, scuba diving is one of the most tranquil, fulfilling and relaxing experiences. The quietude of the underwater world contrasted against the bright array of colors, can calm the soul. But the Underwater Temple Garden in Bali takes it to a whole new level.

Envisioned as a conservation effort to restore the reefs, the dive site has ten stone statues of buddha, anchored at a depth of 28 meters. Designed and built in-part by Reef Seen Divers Resort, they describe the ‘garden’ to be covered in gorgonian fans among other corals, sponges, crinoids and fish.


Image by Natalia Maslova posted in WetPixel. 

Due to the success of this restoration program, the temple will be further expanded to another area of the reef, found at around 15 meters deep.

The Reef Seen Divers Resort is the only dive shop on Bali to be voted as a ‘Sixteen of the Best Eco Resorts’ in Asia Pacific region by Scuba Diver Australasia Magazine. This dive site will be on my bucket list for sure! -CS


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