Wish You Were Here: In an Attic on Gloucester Harbor, Massachusetts

by Owen James Burke


Photo: Schooner.org.

Gloucester, Massachusetts is one of New England’s most iconic and historic maritime settlements. Lying so close to the fertile fishing and whaling grounds of Gorges Bank, Gloucester was quick to become a colonial hub, due equally to its proximity to the continental shelf and the stellar craftsmanship of its shipwrights’ schooners like the one above, the first of which was built in 1713.

Known for producing some of the world’s most rugged and resilient waterpersons, Gloucester is just as famous through the volumes of literature and art it has inspired in the centuries since, much in thanks to Rudyard Kipling’s Captain Courageous (1897) and of course, more recently, Sebastian Junger’s The Perfect Storm.

Now would be as good a time as any to find yourself in Gloucester, whether in a creaky old attic in a writers chair with a pair of binoculars, aboard a schooner, or out on the Gorges Bank watching whales and giant bluefin tuna begin their journey south for winter.


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