Wish You Were Here: Giving Raw Paua a Salt Bath

by Owen James Burke

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 3.25.02 PM

The view was worth it. Photo: Owen James Burke.

No, old trucks and salt water most certainly not a good mix. . . . Not to mention the flock of seagulls which I returned from spearfishing to find relieving themselves my roof.


It wasn’t the rooster crowing in the farm down the road that woke me up on this morning, but this brazen gull, rapping at my sunroof with its beak. Photo: Owen James Burke.

I’d gone on a hike at sunrise for an early morning spear, and when I came back, the tide had come in. I’d figured I could scale my way up the cliff I’d clung to on the way out, if worse came to worst, but I was hardly prepared for the tide to send breakers spitting over this rock wall and up under Raw Paua‘s hood.

Thanks to a good dose of rain today, she’ll be right, as they say down under. I do think that the old girl may be due for a new coat of paint, mostly in thanks to our one and only mishap (as of yet), which occurred not five minutes after forking over the cash in exchange for the keys. I think I’ll stick with the faded orange, but I’m open to suggestions. . . . —OJB

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