The Bridge That Disappears into the Sea

by Carolyn Sotka


The Øresund Bridge. Image from

The Øresund Bridge seemingly sinks into the sea, but actually transitions to an underwater tunnel that links Copenhagen, Denmark to Malmo, Sweden.  The trip is 35 minutes one way, and definitely a unique experience.


Map of the bridge/tunnel. Image from The Atlantic: City Lab.

The Øresund was designed by Danish architect George K.S. Rotne and opened in July st, 2000. The bridge itself is gorgeous but the design brings motorists through an artificial island before the descent into the deep. Because the Peberholm Island has been allowed to develop freely and has become a haven for biologists. The Lund’s Botanical Association has identified more than 500 different species of plants on Peberholm.

To learn more or just check out the traffic visit the Øresund Bridge Web site.  – CS


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