Semper Paratus: Watch The USCG Coordinate the Rescue of 36 Fishermen from a Burning Vessel. . .Over 2,000 Miles Southwest of Hawaii

by Owen James Burke


Credit: USCG. Video below.

The United States Coast Guard’s 14th District in Hawaii is responsible for a 12.2 million square mile swathe of land and sea (that’s almost twice the size of Russia). When the 70 meter (230-foot) fishing vessel Glory Pacific No. 8 activated their EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon), it was the USCG’s responsibility to organize the rescue of the Papua New Guinea-flagged ship, which had caught fire 2,071 miles southwest of Hawaii.

It’s still unclear how the fire started, but the crew managed to abandon ship aboard two skiffs and several life rafts.

10.5 hours later, a USCG aircraft (HC-130) arrived on the scene, dropping smoke flares and water down to the survivors as they called in a nearby good samaritan vessel, the Lomalo, which arrived on the scene and rescued all 36 crewmen. No injuries were reported, gCaptain reports.

Before you watch the video below, you may want to turn your speaker volume down.

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