Sea Lion vs. Thresher Shark. Guess Who Wins.

by Owen James Burke


Sometimes you eat the seal, and sometimes the seal eats you. Photo: Slater Moore Photography. Video below.

The photographs and videos were captured aboard a whale watching vessel off Newport Beach in Southern California on Wednesday.


By the time the shark decides to flee, it’s pretty much game over. Photo: Ryan Lawler/Newport Coastal Adventure.

Some sharks are known for eating sea lions and seals, but not all. As a matter of fact, some sea lions and seals are known for eating sharks, but typically those that constitute easy prey like leopard sharks.


Thresher sharks, even at birth, have pretty mean teeth, but this little guy’s pearly whites were no match for the hungry sea lion. Photo: Ryan Lawler/Newport Coastal Adventure.

A few years ago, a diver off South Africa captured footage of a seal eating a blue shark, adding that it wasn’t the first time he’d seen it happen.

But then, blue sharks are fairly docile as far as sharks go. Threshers, however, which can grow to be much larger than blue sharks and have been known to take the occasional nip at humans, tend to be more aggressive. That said, this poor little juvenile didn’t stand a chance against this dogged sea lion.

Watch the video, posted by Slater Moore Photography on Facebook:

SEA-Lion vs Thresher Shark! Rare Footage! Fresh Kills!Super Rare Footage of Three Sea-lions Taking Down Three Different Thresher Sharks!!!! 1 mile from Newport harbor !!!! *Davey’s Locker Sportfishing & Whale WatchingVideo: Slater Moore Photography

Posted by Slater Moore Photography on Wednesday, 28 October 2015

This was also not the first time a sea lion has been seen taking down a thresher:

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