New Jersey’s “Most Amazingly Obnoxious” Beach Access Plan Yet

by Owen James Burke

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Above:’s Brian Donohue details what he’s (rightly) calling New Jersey’s “most amazingly obnoxious” beach access plan to date. Screenshot from’s video (below).

If you’ve ever spent–or attempted to spend–any time on the Jersey Shore in summer, you’re almost certainly acquainted with the colossal nightmare of tussling for a parking space anywhere near where the land meets the sea.

Now, it’s on the verge of get even worse.

Earlier this year, New Jersey allocated $40 million in taxpayer dollars to replenish beaches in Deal and Long Branch. A newly proposed ordinance for the newly widened beaches may, preposterous as it may be, see more limited beach parking. But don’t worry, parking will only be limited between the months of May and October, because who wants to go to the beach during summer anyhow?

Fishermen and surfers, are of course, up in arms.

But it’s not just the state that’s to blame. Beachfront property owners have been reticent about signing to allow the Army Corps of Engineers to do work (which would, hypothetically, save their homes in the likely event of another catastrophic event like Hurricane Sandy).

The Deal Board of Commissioners will vote on the ordinance on Friday, “But whether it passes or fails,” writes‘s Brian Donohue, “it is bound to only fuel the debate across the other 126 miles of coastline and for years to come.”


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