Meet the Man Who’s Made $15 Million Diving For Golfballs (and Dodging Alligators)

by Owen James Burke

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Screenshot from CatersTV’s video below.

“One day, I was partially unemployed and I was stealing golfballs out of a golf course lake where I lived and, um, then I realized that wasn’t the way to make money–stealing. This business just blew up.” – Glenn Berger.

It’s hard to fathom how Glenn Berger developed this business plan but there’s no way of arguing that it’s anything short of brilliant.

Over a decade ago, Mr. Berger calculated that by collecting lost golfballs, he could earn at least $1, sometimes $2, by retrieving, cleaning, and reselling them to courses around Florida.

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Screenshot from CatersTV’s video below.

He started out stealing balls, but decided that it was ethically reproachful, and decided to turn the business venture into something more honest.

Over 10 million golfballs later, Berger has earned himself over $15 million all by his own merit, but that hasn’t come without its perils, to say the very least. His primary foe: alligators.

“I really don’t like to talk about alligators but they happen and you learn how to deal with them,” he says. “Scuba diving is a dangerous sport as it is. People can usually see. I can’t see. So I have fish, snakes, turtles and all those fun things running into me all the time.”

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