Dale Webster, The California Man Who’s Been Surfing Every Single Day Since 1975, Ends His Streak

by Owen James Burke


Photo: Surfer Mag/Craig.

Dale Webster, of Step into Liquid fame, who has surfed at least three waves a day for 14,631 consecutive days–that’s every day (that’s well over 40,000 waves) since September 3rd, 1975, when President Ford was in the White House, has finally decided to take a break. Through sickness and health, the passing of his wife, and all the other tragedies and miracles of his life, Mr. Webster has managed to squeeze in a daily surf for over 40 years. That’s longer than I’ve been alive.


Photo: Surfer Mag/Craig.

The decision to take a break–which will be as brief as possible–came with a doctor’s order for surgery after a bout of kidney stones. Webster tells Surfer Magazine that he’s surfed through kidney stones before, but this time he’ll need surgery, and some time to recover. Here’s wishing him all the best, and another 40 straight years of surfing.

Read a recent Surfer Mag interview with Dale Webster here. —OJB

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