A Roundup of 5 of Our Favorite Surfing Fails by @kookslams

by Owen James Burke

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Screenshot from video below.

There’s no contempt, no animosity here. We–at least I–have all had our fair share of kooky moments. From a double-overhead freight-training barrel that buried my head in the sand in Portugal (my neck has never been the same since) to a gangrenous reef rash in Hawaii and a slew of other poundings and near drownings–if there were video evidence of my countless mishaps, @kookslams would have to dedicate an entire page to my shameful moments in surfing. Thankfully, none of these oafish transgressions have been captured on film, yet.

The subjects of the following clips were not so fortunate, and while we feel for these intrepid waterpersons–we do–we also couldn’t resist a laugh at their expense. Here’s a roundup of 5 of our favorite surfing fails posted by @kookslams. Some are painful, some embarrassing, others perhaps a little of both, but all, in the purest sense, are hilarious.

A video posted by @kookslams on

A video posted by @kookslams on

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