100% Upcycled Salmon Skin Wallets: Sustainable and Stylish

by Carolyn Sotka


A perfect gift for people that want to make sustainable buying choices. Image from Tidal Vision.

Looking for a unique gift that helps support sustainable fishing, but isn’t the fish? Tidal Vision has taken a new approach to ‘upcyling’, or the use of discarded items, through their craft of Alaskan salmon skin wallets. Using skin only from fisheries that are managed sustainably and certified by 3rd parties, these wallets are one of a kind and come in a variety of colors. The skin is tanned over a 3-week period and the result is incredibly durable and lightweight with a leather-like feel.



Styles include tri-folds, wallets and smart phone cases. Image from Tidal Vision.

Check out Tidal Vision’s online shop to learn more about their sustainable mission – from the source, to the process and to the product. -CS


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