Woman Thanks Bear for Not Eating Her Kayak, Pepper Sprays Bear, Bear Has Change of Heart.

by Owen James Burke

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 2.15.32 PM

This is what happens, lady. This is what happens when you spray a bear in the face. Screenshot from Mary Maley’s YouTube video.

In this woman’s defense, this bear probably was a little too close for comfort, but then, we can’t blame the bear either, can we?

Mary Maley, who was on a solo kayak trip from Ketchikan to Petersburg, Alaska, was posted up outside of a US Forest Service cabin in Berg Bay, Wrangell District, and had just carried her tent, food and gear into the cabin before a 4 mile hike. She heard something outside while having her lunch, and came out to find this:

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 2.07.36 PM

Screenshot from Mary Maley’s YouTube video.

After (successfully) pleading with the bear to leave her kayak alone, it drew in on Maley. She then sprayed the bear (after several warnings, and calling its name–though this individual doesn’t appear to respond to its anthropocentric appellation).

While it doesn’t look like the pepper spray had much of an affect on the bear, it still turned around and quite decisively began tearing into Maley’s kayak (which probably also smelled like food).

Maley hailed the nearby sailing vessel Caledonia, but their radio was off. Fearing she’d be stranded, she swam out to the boat (brr…), whose crew took her to Wrangell here she says she’s now trying to repair her kayak.

Let’s hope her kayak is back in working order. Special thanks to Shaun for sharing this video! -OJB

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