Wish You Were Here: Watching the Sunset Over the Andaman Sea

by Owen James Burke


Photo: Owen James Burke.

I can’t usually be found at the pool, but this cliffside hotel, which provided me my first real bed in weeks, had eight foot high barbed wire fencing discouraging guests from respiting in the mangrove-tangled beach below.


Photo: Owen James Burke.

I only learned this after coming to realize, absurdly, that there was no path down to the beach, and after attempting to scale my way down a few cliffs while doing my utmost to avoid every one of Burma’s 25 significantly venomous snake species. Feeling flustered and bitterly defeat, I finally turned back up the hill and retired to the pool like a good hotel guest should. Ah well. Surely I’ve found myself in worse places at sunset. –OJB

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