Wish You Were Here – A Morning of Perfect Autumn Surf in Folly Beach, Courtesy of Hurricane Joaquin.

by Chris Dixon


Empty Wednesday morning peeler. Photo: Chris Dixon

It wasn’t huge, but it sure was pretty. Water temperature, around 78. Air, around 81. East and Southeast swell, five or so feet at 11 seconds. Wind, very light offshore. That’s the recipe for perfectly shaped a-frames up and down the sandbars of Folly Beach, South Carolina. All in all, a dreamy morning of surf. For us, the waves will only get bigger and better as Joaquin strengthens and a north wind blows. But as with every tropical storm that develops nearshore our relationshipo with this spinning low is complicated. Our bounty could well turn into sheer Joaquin-induced disaster for the Bahamas, Virginia or the Northeast. — CD

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 11.53.51 AM

The all over the place tracks for Joaquin from Weather Underground. 


Splitting a nice little A-Frame. Photo: Chris Dixon


A sweet left from behind the dunes.  Photo: Chris Dixon



And a couple of little Folly Beach skate ramps. Photos: Chris Dixon

Track Joaquin Here. 


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