Watch an Ocean Sinkhole Swallow a Beautiful Campsite, Car and Trailers on Australia’s Sunshine Coast

by Chris Dixon


Devastation of the campground lost into the sea by a sinkhole, which forced the evacuation of over 300 campers and staff. Photo by Kieren Hudson.

Earlier this week, a major sinkhole occurred at the Inskip Point Campgrounds on Australia’s Sunshine coast. Luckily no one was injured but according to Clayton Towing, campers ” Heard a noise like a storm. On looking they realized the sand was rapidly disappearing into the ocean at an amazing speed. They only just got their 4wds and caravans out with seconds to spare, as their campsite disappeared 3 metres down into the ocean. A 4wd, large caravan, camper trailer, and tents on the site next to them were all swallowed into the ocean.”

Sinkholes are caused by the collapse of underground caves or other cavities due to heavy rain, flooding, or earthquakes, which can destabilize the rocks beneath Earth’s surface.

“This area has a history where sinkholes occur regularly, it has something to do with the way sediments are formed and the way water moves through the Earth over millions of years or thousands of years,” geotechnical engineer Allison Golsby from consulting company ConsultMine told the ABC.

Check out the dashcam footage of the chaos that ensued below. The sh** gets real at about 8 minutes in.

And the aftermath.

Video by Cheryl Maughan

To learn more check out Science Alert’s story and for information about sinkholes in general visit the United State’s Geological Survey’s (USGS) Water Science School. -CS

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