Watch: A Foul-Mouthed New Englander Sees an Ocean Sunfish for the First Time, and Hilarity Ensues

by Owen James Burke

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“Oh man, we’re cawlin’ the Coast Gahd! . . . That’s a tuner er somethin’ bro!” The above screenshot doesn’t do the audio in the video below any justice. Screenshot from Michael Bergin’s video.

Poor Michael Bergin just can’t make up his mind. First he wants to call the aquarium, then he wants to call the Coast Guard, then he wants to be the hero and save the sunfish himself, and finally, he decides he wants to kill the beast and take it to market: “If that’s a flounda man, let’s pull it in Jay. Come on. Jay, we can get some big money for that if it’s a f—– fish man.”

Warning: if you’ve got any little ones with whom you might not want to acquaint with expletives, hold off on watching this one till after bedtime.

Guy has the most #Boston reaction after seeing a “sun fish” for the first time and it’s HILARIOUS(credit: Michael Bergin)

Posted by Massachusetts Memes on Tuesday, 22 September 2015

“We need some f—– help, buddy.”

I sure hope Steve was watching too. –OJB

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