Meet the 23-Year-Old Lobsterwoman Paying off College Loans by Living the Dream in Maine

by Owen James Burke


Photo: Charlotte Wilder/

“One thing I like about being a girl out here is that they can’t pay me less than a guy,” 23-year-old Maine lobster boat captain Sadie Samuels told “They just can’t. There’s a price per pound, and fuel costs the same whether you’re a guy or a girl.”


Photo: Charlotte Wilder/

Captain Samuels, who’s paying off her student loans and saving to buy land and build a house, sets and hauls lobster traps two days on, one day off, nonstop. It’s hard work, she admits, but she loves what she does, saying that she prefers the long hours.


Photo: Charlotte Wilder/

If she ever fires that sternman, she’ll be getting a call from this lowly deck monkey–though, a captain in my own right–in short order. Read more about Captain Sadie Samuels at –OJB

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