Manda: Cyrus Sutton’s New Organic, Coral-Reef-Conscious Sun Paste

by Owen James Burke


Photo: Simple by Nature.

Each year, something like 5,000 tons of sunblock washes off swimmers and over coral reefs. Ingredients like Oxybenzone and Octinoxate, which are commonly found in mass-produced sunscreens (and as the FDA declared several years ago are inactive and effectively useless), blanket reefs and kill algae, thereby “bleaching” or killing coral too.

Using eight bio- and food-safe ingredients, surfer and filmmaker Cyrus Sutton has teamed up with a few friends to bring us Manda Organic Sun Paste (Kickstarter campaign launching October 1st).

The paste, which Cyrus says is pretty tasty, too, is made from coconut oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, shea butter, cacao powder, cinnamon oil and thanaka, a pale yellow cosmetic paste made from the ground bark of a tree found in Myanmar, used for millennia by the Burmese.


Photo: Simple by Nature.

Science has yet to figure a way to avoid using active ingredients like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide to provide full coverage from the UVA/UVB spectrum, but for now, Manda, which uses 30% zinc oxide (70% natural, inactive ingredients) will be your best bet for saving both your skin and the sea, my fellow reef dwellers.

Learn more at Cyrus and co.’s new site, Simple by Nature. –OJB

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