Here’s Your Chance to Join a Shark Tagging Expedition with OCEARCH

by Owen James Burke

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You will have to pass a quick shark quiz, mind you. Screenshot from Costa/OCEARCH.

Led by veteran shark tagger and former National Geographic TV show host Chris Fischer, OCEARCH has been one of the most prolific nonprofit shark research organizations since they launched their groundbreaking Global Shark Tracker program in 2013, through which you can keep tabs on every shark they’ve ever tagged, in real time.

Earlier this year, Outside Online profiled Fischer and OCEARCH, suggesting that the organization, despite heavy criticism by many as being a bunch of big-game fishermen masquerading as ecologists, might be the last hope of the great white shark.

Now through September 21st, OCEARCH is running a sweepstakes through which a few lucky winners will be invited to join the crew on a shark tagging expedition (location TBD).

If you do find yourself one of the lucky winners, be sure to bring a good luck charm, or something to appease the captain and crew. Those shark-tagging ecologists can turn into a ruthless bunch when things don’t go their way. Just look at what happened to Scuttlefish Editor-at-Large Brian Lam on his Bahamian shark-tagging adventure after the captain of that expedition blamed him for the misfortune of one of their ill-fated outings:


Shark bait, oo ha ha. . . . He was also duped into purchasing the crew a case of Kalik beer. Photo courtesy of Brian Lam.

Enter the sweepstakes here, and don’t forget to check out OCEARCH’s interactive shark-tagging map to keep track of a shark near you. –OJB

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