Drops of Breath: Dancers Learn to Scuba Dive for Underwater Show off Greece

by Owen James Burke

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The dancers/divers spent two years preparing for the project. Screenshot taken from Drops of Breath/Mashable’s video (below).

Last week off Cape Sounion, Greece, 14 dancers, many of whom disabled, donned scuba tanks and took to the seafloor to perform for 40 spectators (all of whom, in order to purchase tickets, were required to be certified divers).

“Suddenly, I am on the sea bed, in the water, the floor disappears, and as a result my body is much more free down there, and I am doing things that I could not even imagine” – Irini Kourouvani, performer.

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Those not willing or able to dive alongside the performers watched from shore. Screenshot from Drops of Breath/AP/Mashable’s video.

Watch the video below, and learn more about Drops of Breath on their website. –OJB

Dancers-Turned-Divers Put on Majestic Underwater PerformanceDancers learn how to dive to perform magical underwater performance.

Posted by Mashable on Tuesday, 29 September 2015

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