We’re Impressed with SharkBanz’ Recent Field Tests. We’d Like to See Them in White and Tiger Shark Waters Next.

by Owen James Burke

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 12.03.18 PM

Screenshot from Sharkbanz‘ YouTube video.

Sharkbanz, which we wrote about in March, is a lightweight, unobtrusive, anklet (or bracelet) that doesn’t require batteries or charging, and, unlike other shark-repelling technologies, is an affordable $60.

Recently, the father-son duo from Charleston, SC has been putting their magnets to the test by sending a dummy (dressed as “Bernie” from the classic 1990s film) out on a standup paddleboard in sharky, chum-laden waters Bimini in the Bahamas.

The mess of reef sharks looked intent on tearing into Bernie’s straggling toes until the very last moment when they suddenly, and violently, describes cofounder Nathan Garrison, caught signals from the magnets within the band and turned away.

Sharks have electromagnetic receptors designed to help them locate prey, but the unnatural presence of a magnet is an unpleasant shock to their senses, and, as you’ll see below, appears to deter them.

Garrison and co. controlled the experiment by first testing Bernie’s leg with only the Sharkbanz attached, then with the band and a piece of bait stuffed in his sock, and then with bait and no band.

Watch the test below. (Hint: you should never go swimming in Bimini with baited footwear, not without one of these things, at least.)

The company has plans for more tests underway, and we’d love to see how they fare with larger predators like tiger sharks and white sharks. –OJB

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