The Shark-Tagging Pageant Queen: How A Former Miss Maine, USA Contestant Is Helping NOAA Tag Sharks

by Owen James Burke


Butler travels between Florida and Nantucket catching and tagging sharks. She only learned to fish in 2014, she says, but she’s already caught 30 sharks this year. Photo: Caters News Agency.

21-year-old Marisa Butler, a former Miss Maine, USA contestant has given up the glitz and glam of beauty queen life (whatever that may constitute in Maine), and is now working with NOAA in hopes of contributing to the tagging of 100 sharks by the end of the year. How? By hooking them in the surf and bringing them up the beach with her hands, of course, the only way a woman from Maine would. Mon dieu.


Image United Artists, 1963 via Dr. Macro.

Dare I say she might even have outdone old Ursula Andress in her white knife-strap bikini from Bond’s Dr. No?


Image United Artists, 1963 via Dr. Macro.

Read more at the Daily Mail. –OJB

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