“The Most Fearless” – New Film Documents the Struggle and Success of Bangladesh’s First Female Surfer

by Carolyn Sotka


Still from the upcoming feature documentary “The Most Fearless”. Photography by Jordan Dozzi, Kamrul Hasan, Venessa Rude and Heather Kessinger.

The August edition of Marie Claire shares the remarkable story of a young Bangladeshi woman, whose determination to become the first female surfer in her country is documented in a new film “The Most Fearless” by Heather Kessinger.

“The Most Fearless” follows the struggles of 18 year-old Nasima Akter, who has overcome a life of poverty and become a world-class surfer in a conservative country, where women don’t even swim in public.


Photography by Jordan Dozzi, Kamrul Hasan, Venessa Rude and Heather Kessinger.

After leaving home at seven to escape prostitution, she found sanctuary among the surfing community along Bangladesh’s Cox’s Bazar, which is the world’s longest uninterrupted natural, sandy beach.

Trailer from “The Most Fearless” by Heather Kessinger.

Kessinger told Marie Claire, “Nasima wants to be a good Muslim wife and a respectable part of her community—but she’s completely unwilling to let go of her passion for surfing for that, and by telling her story, she’s broken the barrier for all girls to do the same.” This makes Akter a pioneer, survivor, and now, a role model.

The film has been in production for the past four years. A PhotoSF Production, Director/Producer Kessinger is currently submitting the documentary to a number of film festivals. Check back here  and on “The Most Fearless” Facebook page, for upcoming screening information. -CS

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