Shorepound Lost and Found: A Great Highway Exhibition on Shorebreak Archaeology by Mark Cunningham and Jonathan Steinberg

by Owen James Burke


Photo: The Great Highway Gallery.

Shorepound Lost and Found is an exhibition by Mark Cunningham, a veteran lifeguard of Oahu’s North Shore and probably the best–certainly most famous–bodysurfer in the world, and John Steinberg, a New York transplant and Santa Cruz mat-rider of over 20 years.

Over these decades, these two have picked up some junk. Some of it good, some of it not so good. Collectively, their exhibit at The Great Highway Gallery in San Francisco is an anthropology of modern seaside curiosities.


Photo: The Great Highway Gallery.

“When the conditions allow, I don mask, fins and snorkel and make the most out of exploring and scavenging reefs and impact zones for exercise and treasure,” says Mark Cunningham. “Archaeological beachcombing between Makapuu and Kahuku on Oahu’s Windward shoreline, provides pieces of life, stories and adventures. . . . corroded and encrusted in their underwater resting place are resurfaced and brought back to land to question what happened.”


Photo: The Great Highway Gallery.

Steinberg has been focusing on collecting loose swim fins. Part of his exhibition, Tree of Life, is a statue of fins. The other part is a series of photographic portraits of fins–fins that, as Steinberg puts it, “have been worn, used, abused, loved, lost, found. . . . gained narrative with age.”

Shorepound Lost and Found and Tree of Life will be open until August 29th at the Great Highway  Gallery (415-680-3891) at 3649 Lawton Street, Outer Sunset. Read more here.

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