PBS’ “Big Blue Live” Tonight: A Multi-day and Live Affair in Celebration of the Monterey Bay

by Chris Dixon

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Humpback whale in the Monterey Bay, California. Photo courtesy of Cathy Munsch.

Editor’s Note: A few years ago, Scuttlefish writer Carolyn Sotka and Dr. Stephen R. Palumbi authored a terrific book, The Death and Life of the Monterey Bay: A Story of Revival. The book was inspired by the deep human and natural history of the Monterey Bay and its rich, ecological tapestry. But it wasn’t always like it is today. Over hundreds of years, there was serial exploitation of marine animals that weakened and disrupted the health and resilience of the Bay – beginning with whaling and otter hunts and through the intense boom and bust of the sardine fishery. Tonight PBS will launch Big Blue Live, a unique 3-day TV event. Watch the broadcast and read the book about one of the most amazing places on earth, the Monterey Bay. 

PBS and BBC joined forces to bring you an event inspired by the ocean and unlike anything you have seen before. Big Blue Live debuts tonight, August 31 – September 2, 2015 on PBS. This live television and online broadcast program will celebrate one of the most beautiful places in the world, the Monterey Bay, California.

While Monterey Bay is full of life year-round, this program focuses on a once-a-year phenomenon where humpback whales, blue whales, sea lions, dolphins, elephant seals, sea otters, great white sharks, and shearwaters all converge in the Bay during August and September.

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Sea otter wrapped in kelp in the Monterey Bay. Photo by Jim Capwell.

Watch the Big Blue Live trailer below:

Big Blue Live will bring together scientists, filmmakers and photographers, animal behaviorists, and other experts over the next three nights. The program will be anchored live from a hub at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and from a national marine sanctuary research vessel; the live feed will be interspersed with pre-recorded segments.

What you need to know to tune in:

Dates: August 31 – September 2, 2015

Time: 8 PM EST/PST

Where: Your local PBS station or watch on-line.

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Join nature’s ultimate reality show and the conversation on Twitter and Facebook at #BigBlueLive. Check out Carolyn’s book to learn more about the many characters that helped changed the fate of the Monterey Bay, from ruin to revival. Characters that might be lesser known but nonetheless very powerful, like Pacific Grove mayor and scientist, Julia Platt – showcased in our Scuttlefish article Life in Salt: Dr. Julia Platt – Meet the Brilliant, Obstinate Heroine of Monterey Bay. -CD

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